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Revision Facelift

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If you’ve previously undergone a facelift and are dissatisfied with the results, you may be considering a revision facelift. Dr. Lalezar has performed thousands of successful revision facelift in NYC surgeries to reverse or correct the unwanted results.

The Complexities Of A Revision Surgery

A revision facelift is typically more complex than a primary facelift, as the surgeon must consider the changes and scars from the previous surgery. You must contact a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facelift surgeries for revision procedures. Board-certified plastic surgeons have the expertise to assess the changes and scarring from the previous surgery, determine the best course of action, and deliver the desired outcome.

What is Revision Facelift?

A revision facelift is a surgical procedure designed to correct issues or concerns with the results of a previous facelift. This may include addressing unevenness, excess scarring, unnatural contours, overly-stretched skin, or other issues with the appearance of the face. In addition to correcting a botched surgery, you may also need a revision facelift to reverse the signs of aging a decade or more after your primary procedure.

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Is Your Facelift Over A Decade Old?

If your facelift was performed over a decade ago, you might consider a revision facelift in NYC, this can address any changes or concerns with the results of your original facelift. The aging process continues even after a facelift, and the effects of gravity and sun exposure can lead to a loss of elasticity in the skin and a loss of facial volume.

A revision facelift can restore a youthful appearance and take a decade or more off your appearance.

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The Goals of Revision Facelift:

  • Improving the overall appearance of the face
  • Reversing the signs of aging on the face, such as wrinkles and sagging skin
  • Addressing issues or concerns with the results of the previous facelift
  • Correcting unevenness or unnatural contours
  • Delivering natural-looking and desired outcomes

Reasons For A Revision Facelift:

  • Unsatisfactory results from your original facelift
  • Changes in the appearance of your face due to the aging process
  • Uneven or unnatural contours
  • Loss of elasticity in the skin
  • Loss of facial volume
  • Facial skin is pulled too tight
  • Highly visible scarring from poor incision placement
  • Visible ear scars or “pixie ears”
  • Puckering, dimpling, or creasing of the skin

When Should I Get A Revision Facelift?

Please wait until you have fully healed from your primary facelift before considering a revision facelift in NYC. This typically takes several months, and it’s important to give your body time to heal and recover from the original surgery before undergoing another procedure. Sometimes, the results of your procedure may not appear for several months, so you must be patient and only consider a revision once the final results become evident.

Dr. Lalezar’s Surgical Technique

During a revision facelift, Dr. Lalezar makes precise incisions along the natural creases of your skin to minimize scarring. If possible, he may use the same incisions as your primary procedure. He gently lifts and repositions the underlying tissue, removes excess skin, and tightens underlying muscles, following which the incisions are closed. The specific details of the surgery depend on your unique condition and requirements. The procedure takes up to 3 hours.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you are considering a revision facelift, we encourage you to consult Dr. Lalezar. During your appointment, he will listen to your concerns and goals and provide a personalized treatment plan. He will also discuss the benefits and risks of the procedure and answer any questions you have. Please schedule an appointment at our surgical facility to address your concerns learn your options for a revision facelift in NYC.

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