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Reverse BBL

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If you’re seeking a more natural look after a BBL, Dr. Frank Lalezar can help. Our safe and effective reverse BBL treatments work to correct unwanted effects and provide subtle, yet beautiful results. With years of experience, Dr. Lalezar is dedicated to helping patients achieve their desired look with personalized care and attention to detail.

What Is a BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift is referred to as BBL in the industry. It is a cosmetic surgery treatment that includes enhancing the size and form of a person’s buttocks using that person’s own fat. In order to give the buttocks a more rounded and lifted look, the operation often requires liposuction to remove fat from other parts of the body, such as the belly, hips, or thighs. The BBL aims to improve overall body proportions and give the buttocks a more visually attractive form.

That said, as people age and their body continues to change, some people may want to reverse the effects of their BBL for a more natural-looking result.

Advantages of BBL Reversal

There are many advantages to reversing a BBL. A reverse BBL may enhance your natural form and fix inconsistencies from the first lift, which will enhance your overall appearance. Your buttocks will be smaller, but the skin there may be tightened, and the regions where the fat was first removed won’t change. This will leave patients with beautiful results that will last for decades to come.

How Does a Reverse BBL Work?

Reversing a BBL is a cosmetic treatment used to correct unfavorable outcomes or simply due to a change of mind within the patients. With a reverse BBL, extra buttock fat is eliminated to provide the area a more proportionate, natural-looking form.

The quantity of fat that has to be removed will determine how long the surgery takes. The treatment is normally carried out under general anesthesia. In order to remove the extra fat from the buttocks, the surgeon will make a few tiny incisions and perform liposuction. The surrounding tissue is meticulously preserved as the fat is subtly eliminated, resulting in a smooth and uniform shape.

When the extra fat has been eliminated, the incisions are stitched up and the treated region is covered with bandages. For many weeks after the treatment, patients will need to wear a compression garment to assist in reducing swelling and promote the healing process.

The treated region will progressively heal over time, producing a buttocks that seem more naturally proportioned to the rest of the body. As long as the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and frequent exercise, the effects of a reverse BBL might persist for a very long time.

Learn More About The Reverse BBL with Dr. Frank Lalezar, MD

If you’re wanting to learn more about our reverse BBL surgery and how it works please give us a call or fill out a contact form with your information.

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