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Hip Liposculpting

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Hip liposculpting is a specialized procedure designed to enhance the contours of the hips, providing a more shapely and balanced appearance. By precisely removing excess fat deposits and sculpting the hip area, Dr. Lalezar helps you achieve your desired silhouette and contours.

The Path to Chiseled, Contoured Hips

Hip liposculpting is a cutting-edge cosmetic procedure focusing on achieving beautifully contoured hips. Using techniques like ultrasound-assisted liposculpting, excess fat is gently and precisely removed from the hip area. This minimally invasive approach sculpts and refines the hips, helping you achieve your desired hourglass figure. Dr. Lalezar uses his artistic instincts to sculpt your body into the ideal shape.

The Goals of Hip Liposculpting:

  • Achieving contoured, shapely hips
  • Removing excess fat deposits
  • Enhancing hip aesthetics
  • Creating a balanced silhouette

Traditional Liposuction vs. High-Definition Liposculpting

Traditional liposuction and high-definition liposculpting are both fat removal procedures, but they differ significantly in their approach. Traditional liposuction involves using a cannula to remove excess fat from larger areas. In contrast, high-definition liposculpting uses ultrasound to target and break down specific pockets of fat cells around targeted muscles, allowing for more precise contouring and muscle definition. This technique selectively removes fat while preserving surrounding tissues and tightening skin, resulting in sculpted, defined contours.

How Hip Liposculpting Works

Hip liposculpting involves using ultrasound technology to target and liquefy excess fat cells within the subcutaneous fat layer of the hips. The surgeon carefully removes excess fat deposits from targeted areas of the hips, generally around the gluteus minimus, gluteus maximus, and gluteus medius muscles. Once the fat deposits are removed, the underlying muscles look more prominent and well-defined, helping you achieve firm, contoured hips.

Unique Benefits of Hip Liposculpting:

  • Precision in sculpting hip contours
  • Minimal scarring and quicker recovery
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Tailored, individualized treatment
  • Skin tightening for a smoother appearance
  • Long-lasting results

Tighten Skin for Elevated Contours

Tightening the skin is a crucial aspect of hip liposculpting. When excess fat is removed, the skin may not naturally retract to conform to the new contours, potentially leading to sagging or loose skin. Hip liposculpting includes skin tightening techniques that heat the deep dermis to stimulate collagen production, promoting skin elasticity and firmness. This ensures the sculpted hip area maintains a taut and aesthetically pleasing appearance post-procedure.

Your Recovery Journey

After hip liposculpting, you can expect a relatively short downtime. While some mild swelling and bruising are common, they typically subside within a few weeks. Most patients can resume light activities shortly after the procedure and gradually return to regular routines. The results from hip liposculpting will become increasingly visible as any initial swelling resolves, typically within a few weeks to a few months.

Dr. Lalezar’s Surgical Technique

Dr. Lalezar takes a patient-focused approach when performing hip liposculpting to help you achieve your desired results. You’ll undergo a comprehensive consultation where Dr. Lalezar will assess your unique anatomy and discuss your aesthetic goals. This ensures that your hip liposculpting procedure is customized to your specific needs.

During the procedure, Dr. Lalezar makes small incisions near the hips, through which he inserts thin cannulas and generates ultrasound energy to precisely target and liquefy excess fat cells within the subcutaneous fat layer. Finally, the fat deposits are suctioned out, sculpting the hips into your desired contours.

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Dr. Frank Lalezar is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in aesthetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body. He takes a patient-centric approach to plastic surgery, prioritizing personalized care that aligns with each patient’s anatomical needs and desired outcomes. Dr. Lalezar offers comprehensive consultations, ensuring you are empowered to make informed decisions about your care. Schedule an appointment to explore your hip liposculpting options.

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